Welcome to the Greeley Stampede Scheduler!

The Exchange Club of Greeley thanks you for your time and support of child abuse prevention! Without your help this event is not possible!

2022 is an exciting year with new booths. The is a Pepsi booth, a Mountain Dew Booth, Stroller Corral and Merchandise Booth. Please check in with the booth coordinator, they will have you sign in and assign you additional tasks. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There are few chances to sit and you will be on your feet for most of the time.

If you have a conflict and can not make it to an event or have to leave early, please email Ripley@greeleyexchange.com. We are counting on you for this shift.

Registration for Students

Required Waiver

This year everyone needs to sign a waiver prior to your first shift. All Exchange, Friends, Volunteers and Students need to sign a waiver form. It can be emailed to Ripley@greeleyexchange.com. The form can also be brought with you to your first shift, but we are hoping to get most before the start of Stampede.

Adult Liability Waiver

Minor Liability Waiver